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Laced tools is an all-in-one tool,
giving Laced members an extra edge in this game.

Free Auto Checkout Slots

Our bots, our experience, your benefit. Put the best bots in your back pocket with a free slot on every supported release! You're never alone as a Laced member.

Cardinal Autofill

Cardinal provides a complete auto checkout experience on sites like Supreme, Bestbuy, Walmart, Finishline, DSG, and all shopify stores. One of the best autofills available and comes free with your membership!

Stock Numbers, Lowkey & Brick Flips

Get the inside scoop on stock numbers so you can gauge how easy or profitable a release will be, flip items like cards and funk pops in your downtime, or get a shipment of brick sneakers to make easy flips on eBay and stockX! With laced the money making opportunities never stop.

Services 2.0

Just a glance of what we have to offer.

Critical Early Info

Stay a step ahead of everyone else with early links and stock numbers to releases!

Automated Monitors

Utilize our bots to scan hundreds of websites for lowkey items, restocks and deals.

Group buys & Exclusive Access

Take advantage of our established network of connections to get great under resale value and tools that work!

Detailed Guides

All of our expert knowledge available at the touch of a finer, anytime, anywhere.

Auto Checkout

The power of our bots at your service! Our team will run their bots for you to help secure those limited items! All VIPs get a free Auto Checkout on all supported drops!

Instant Alerts

Never miss a restock or drop with automated notifications. Our system is set up to notify you about when they happen, as they happen!

Consulting & Coaching

Team up with one of the best as our team will sit with you in a discord call and walk you through any topic you need help with to make sure you reach the next level.

Lowkey Flips & Retailers

Diversify the assets by cashing out on other opportunities available through retail stores and others - consoles, graphics cards, trading cards, NFTs we got you covered on multiple levels!

Extra Perks

Take comfort in knowing Laced provides perks outside the reselling space - discounts on food and supplies support in more than just one way. Social events create a friednly atmosphere t ocollaborate with other entrepreneurs with the same ambition to make changes and grow!

Over 20,000 successful logged post & more
than 100,000 items secured!

Two years of Service leading to more than
$1 Million in total profits for members

Laced team has supported over 7,000
unique users!

Here at Laced, we are devoted to our members success.

Profit. Today.

Acquire the most desired products from a multitude of brands. These are only 6 out of hundreds of sites we are monitoring for releases or restocks 24/7.

Gain VIP Access Today!

Whether you're a beginner or professional, the VIP experience will provide the best support network for you.

$50 Monthly

  • VIP Membership Benifits:
  • Free cardinal Autofill (Valid with Active Membership)
  • Bot Backdoors & Groupbuys
  • Early Links & Head Starts
  • Stock Numbers
  • 1 Free Auto Checkout Slot
  • Unlimited Additional Slots at Low Cost
  • In-Server Laced Raffles
  • Free "Laced Tools" Program
  • Postmates Food Delivery Discounts
  • Discounted Bot Rental Services
  • Private Consultations & Coaching
  • DFS Services
  • NFT reselling
  • Funko Reselling
  • Raffle Site Lists
  • Pirce Errors & Discounts
  • Retail Product Flips
  • Lowkey Item Flips
  • Birck Flips
  • 1 on 1 Private Support
  • Live Community Support Chats
  • Live Drop Voice Cals
  • Bot Flipping Info
  • Stock Calls
  • Instant Restock Notifications
  • 24/7 Active Site Monitoring
  • Shopify Monitors
  • Retailer Monitors
  • Nike & Supreme Monitors
  • Bot Checkout Logs
  • Bot Updates & Announcements Logs
  • Travel Deals and Promotions
  • Food Deals and Promotions
  • In-Server Marketplace
  • Free Middle Man Services
  • Free Unlimited Legit Checks
  • Referral Program Benefits
  • Rewards Program
  • Active & Regular Giveaways
  • Staff Set Up Recommendations
  • In-Depth Text & Video Guides
  • Bulk Buyer Connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? See if we can answer them for you here.

Does Laced Guarantee Success?

Although the Laced team dramatically increases our members success rates and helps thousands of people profit in this game, we can not guarantee your success, but if you put in the effort, time and utilize all of our tools we provide, we can guarantee you a massive increase in your chances!

Is The Laced Network Right For Me?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a way to build large amounts of capital while working for yourself? If so, then The Laced Network is perfect for you.

How Much Experience Do I Need?

None! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, all you need is the will to learn. We will take care of the rest!

What Platform Does Laced Use?

The Laced network uses Discord as our platform of choice as it is extremely customizable and allows us to bring the most value to our members.