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Supportive all-in-one tool for manual and bot users!
Giving members an extra edge in this game.

Free Auto Checkout Slots

Our bots, our experience, your benefit. Put the best bots in your back pocket with free slots available on every supported release! You're never alone as a Laced member.

Cardinal Autofill

Cardinal provides a complete auto checkout experience on sites like Supreme, Bestbuy, Walmart, Finishline, DSG, and all shopify stores. Don't blink or you might miss it!

Stock Numbers, Lowkey & Brick Flips

Get the inside scoop on stock numbers so you can gauge how easy or profitable a release will be; flip items like cards, tickets and funk pops in your downtime or get a shipment of discounted in-stock sneakers to make easy flips on eBay and Stock X!

Laced Services 2.0

Let our work be your support.

Critical Early Info

Get a step ahead with early links and stock numbers to releases! Know what sizes are best to go for and where they will release.

Automated Monitors

Utilize our scanners on hundreds of websites for items on all stages. Release or restock - you'll know what is it and have a direct link to get it!

Group buys & Exclusive Access

Take advantage of our network of connections to put the best products and tools in your arsenal! If you want to become the best, you need the best and if we don't have it, we'll get it.

Detailed Guides

All of our expert knowledge available at the touch of a finger anytime, anywhere. Learn the shortcuts, the hidden secrets and loopholes on expanding your success.

Auto Checkout

The power of our bots at your service! Our team will run their bots for you to help secure those limited items! All VIPs get the chance at a FREE Auto Checkout Slot on all supported drops!

Instant Alerts

Never miss a restock or drop with automated notifications. Our system is set up to notify you instantaneously as our scanners catch these items!

Consulting & Coaching

Team up with one of the best as our team will sit with you in a discord call and walk you through any topic you need help with to make sure you reach the next level.

Lowkey Flips & Retailers

Diversify the assets by cashing out on other opportunities available through retail and unknown stores - consoles, graphics cards, trading cards, tickets, bricks or funko - if it makes you profit, we'll cover it!

Extra Perks

Take comfort in knowing Laced provides perks outside the reselling space - discounts on food and supplies support in more than just one way. Social events create a friendly atmosphere to collaborate with other entrepreneurs with the same ambition to make changes and grow!

Over 20,000 successful logged post & more
than 100,000 items secured!

Two years of service exceeding
$1 Million in total profits for members!

Laced team has supported over 7,000
unique users!

The numbers speak for themselves. We support, our members succeed.

Profit. Today.

Acquire the most desired products from a multitude of brands.
These are only a handful of the hundreds of sites we are scanning 24/7.

VIP & Lite Access Available Below!

We support members at all experience levels!

VIP provides the support network for those that are ready to dive into everything this industry has to offer. Guides, backdoors, plugs, consultations,ACOs, early links and all of the advanced supportive connections needed to elevate your level and profits.

Lite is a new introductory tier for the people that are new to this space and would like to learn more and have opportunities that are commonly missed. Take advantage of some of the tools available to the experts and elevate when ready!

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$10 / Mo

  • 24/7 Active Site Monitoring
  • Shock Drop Notifications
  • Direct Raffle Links for Hype Items
  • Nike Bot Rentals & Bot Guidance
  • Price Errors & Store Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? See if we can answer them for you here.

Does Laced Guarantee Success?

3 Guarantees in life: death, taxes and taking an L on SNKRS - but we provided the support necessary to change the last one. Members that reach and maintain success are those that put forth the effort to do so - Laced matches your drive by being by your side every step of the way with tools, knowledge and opportunity. If you are prepared to succeed, how can you not?

Is The Laced Network Right For Me?

If you're new to the scene or have some experience in success, but would like to learn how to take the next step in your game, then Laced is the place for you.

What Platform Does Laced Use?

The Laced network uses Discord as our platform of choice. It allows for safe moderation and mass notifications to be sent when needed.

How Does Laced Stand Apart From Other Groups?

There's 3 types of groups: The Connected, The Supportive and The Greedy. Laced specializes in the supportive with some unique connections available - we work in a positive and productive environment away from any toxicity to bring the best quality at a lower price than others. Laced Network aims to close it's doors at some point in the future so make sure to get your future started soon.

Are There Any Promotions or Discounts Available?

Yes! Discounts are usually passed through our sponsored partners or social highlights and marketing. It's also possible to win a free month of our services through our giveaways within the server.